July 24, 2017

24. Hadaka Jime's from behind - ST-5

After the 4 Hadaka Jime's from the front, we now show 4 Hadaka Jime's from behind. We again do this as a defense on the two hook punches, the body hook and uppercut.

The Hadaka Jima:
We will show 3 different Hadaka Jime's from behind.
  • two with the underarm over the throat and the hand behind your head (blood strangulation)
  • one with the fist in the throat and hand on the wrist (air and blood strangulation)
  • one with the knuckle of the thumb on the Adam's apple (air strangulation)
Most important is that you are standing strong, with at straight back and a strong leg!

Here is the video, enjoy watching it!
The attacks that we use are:
  • A hook punch with the right arm
  • A hook punch with the left arm
  • A body hook
  • An uppercut
Our reflexes are:
Follow up:
We follow up with eighter a knee (Hiza-Geri) to the body or we follow or redirect the arm.

We unbalance the opponent with the use of pressure points ST-9, or by pulling the arm.

End control:
Each time, we end with a Hadaka Jime in which we are standing in behind the opponent.
  • three times, we end with an Hadaka Jime with the hand behind the head.
  • one time, we end by pressing the Adam's Apple
Pressure points used:
We use various pressure points in the video:

  • Stomach 9 (ST-9) (with open hand, fingers and knuckles)
  • Stomach 5 (ST-5), new pressure point, we will tell about this point below
  • The throat, with with knuckle of the thumb
  • Lung 6 (or Lung 8).
More information about Stomach 5 (ST-5)
Hitpoint ST-5 is located halfway on the jaw. 

Where can you find it?
If you follow the jaw (underside) from the ear to the chin, you will find Pressure point ST-5 halfway the jaw in a hollow. It feels like a rubber band.

You hit ST-5 in and down or up; in a 45 degrees angle. The open hand is great to attack this point with. You make a little twist at the moment of impact. (When you straighten your arm with an open hand; the hand will bend a little. This motion is great for ST-5)

ST-5 is connected to the buccal nerve. The buccal nerve is via various other nerves connected to the center of the nerve system in the small brains. This part of the brain is primarily responsible for regulation the movement of the body. By hitting ST-5 the right way, you can cause a knock-out.
It is also connected to the orbit (eyes). 

Because of the connection with the eyes you will see the eyes blink when hitting ST-5.
Because of the connection to the middle cerebral peduncle (small brains), a knock-out can be caused.

The stomach meridian:
The stomach meridian contains 45 earth points. The route of the stomach meridian is a long journey from the head to the feet, which makes it a Yang meridian:
  • The meridian starts internally next to the nose wing, where the Large Intestine meridian ends. It runs up the nose, it connects with BL-1 (corner of the eye)
  • The meridian comes to the surface on the orbital bone, in middle under the eye (ST-1)
  • It goes straight down, parallel to the bottom of the nose.
  • From there it takes a little internal detour to the upper gums (where it connects with Governing Vessel 24 (DU-24))
  • And it processes its way down to a little below the corner of the mouth (ST-4).
  • Stomach continues his way along the jaw and in front of the ear to the middle of the forehead.
  • From ST-5 (on the Jaw), in branches of and goes down to the throat and the supraclavicular fossa. It goes from the hook of the clavicle (ST-11) near the throat to about the middle of the clavicle (ST-12)
  • From there it goes two ways:
  • Internally it passes through the diaphragm and it goes into the spleen and stomach
  • Externally it goes down to a little below the nipple ST-18, Then it continues its way a little lower and close to the centerline of the body.
  • Both branches connect at ST-30 (lower abdomen)
  • From here it goes back to the front / outside of the leg, via the anterior aspect of the upper leg down to the foot.
  • Internally, a branch goes from ST-42 (first point on the foot) to connect with the spleen channel
  • It runs down the leg to the 2nd toe (ST45).
I hope you likes this blog. In my next blog, I will show 4 different Hadaka Jime's from the side from the same hookpunch flow. Till then and bye for now.

We cannot be held responsible for injuries 
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)