August 27, 2017

8 Strangulations and locks with umbrella

Today we posted a new video. In this video, we show defenses with an umbrella (this could be any kind of stick).

The controle techniques in this video are strangulations, a wristlock and an armlock.
Enjoy watching the video.

More detailed information technique by technique:

In general:

  • keep your hands close to the neck
  • squeeze with your hands to strangle
Details per technique:

  1. Attack: Hook punch
    • Deflect the attack with the umbrella
    • Stab the umbrella behind the neck 
      • Point it a little to the left shoulder, it is easier to grab
      • Place your hand as close as possible to the neck
    • Grab the other end of the umbrella
      • Place your other hand also as close as possible to the neck
    • Squeeze the umbrella, this way your wrist will come close to each other and you will strangle the opponent
      2.  Attack: Hook punch
    • Repeat defence one and continue with:
    • Move a little back with your body and move your right hand to the tip of the umbrella
    • Make space with your body and guide the umbrella under your armpit
    • Squeeze with your hand and bring your shoulder down.
      3.  Attack: Hook punch
    • You have the umbrella loose in the hand (fingers down)
    • Turn your right hand up (underarm horizontally)
    • Grab the umbrella with your other hand and deflect the attack
    • Turn your left hand with the umbrella around the arm of the opponent
    • Press the arm against the body of the opponent
    • Bring the umbrella to front of the throat of the opponent with the left hand
    • Grab the umbrella with the right hand on the other side of the neck and squeeze the hands again.
      4.  Attack: Hook punch
    • Repeat the defence of attack 3. 
    • Now in stead of grabbing the other end of the umbrella, you go around the umbrella with your arm.
    • Pull the umbrella over the arm
    • You would like to grab the head as high as possible, to push the head away
      5.  Attack: Straight punch
    • There are two ways to catch the hand.
      • here we do next: we turn our hand (fingers under umbrella) and just lay the umbrella on the wrist of the opponent.
      • you can also: turn the umbrella around the wrist (fingers on umbrella)
    • When the umbrella is around the wrist, you grab the umbrella with the other hand, again as close to the other hand as possible
    • Squeeze to lock
      6.  Attack: Straight punch
    • Lock the wrist
    • Let go with the left hand
    • Bring the umbrella in front of the throat with the right hand
    • Step in and guide the umbrella under the armpit
    • Grab the umbrella around the neck with the left hand
    • Turn your body and stretch the opponents arm over the chest
       7.  Attack: Straight punch
    • In stead of making the armlock, you now go with your right hand under the arm of the opponent and grab the umbrella
    • By squeezing the umbrella, you will make the strangulation
       8.  Attack: Straight punch
    • Attack the opponent with the umbrella (right arm close to the opponent)
    • Grab the arm of the opponent
    • Grab the umbrella with your left hand
    • Pull the arm, push the umbella
I hope this information is clear, hope to see you back at our next video.

August 24, 2017

8 fingerlocks

Today, we posted a new video, this time, with 8 basic fingerlocks. Locks that everyone can learn.

If you are not familiar with fingerlocks, then be very careful with training them!

We show 8 different fingerlocks. In al cases, the attack is a push to the chest.
The fingerlocks all come down to the same basic principles:

  • You grab at least 1 finger (pointerfinger)
    • For training, we advise to grab at least two fingers (the opponent is stronger that way and can resist the lock better)
  • This way, you create the lock:
    • Your pinks sqeezes and bends the fingers away from the hand
    • You thumb and pointerfinger bend the fingers towards the hand/arm
  • You hold the finger close to your body (hip or chest). This way you are stronger.
Unless the opponent is trained in resisting these locks, it is very painful and you might break fingers with it. So again be very careful!

Good luck with training these techniques.