July 14, 2017

22. The Brainstem

After the explanation about the spinal cord in our previous blog, again you are closer to understanding the use of pressure points from a neurological point of view!

The brain stem is the a part of the spinal cord that is located at the bottom of the scull.
This little part in the brain stem is responsible for the vegetative body functions (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.). The signals going from the spinal cord to the brains (and the other way around) are checked by it constantly, to make sure that the body is in good shape.

If any concerning signal enters this area, the autonomic nervous system responds. This can be by lowering the heart rate (if it gets a message that the blood pressure is too high) for example after correctly hitting ST-9; This could shut the body down (by passing out).
I hope you find this information interesting so far. In my next blog, I will wrap this information up and give an example.

Thanks for reading, in our next blog we proceed with techniques and video's. We will show the various pressure points followed up by a Hadaka Jime from a punch flow.