July 11, 2017

15. Conception Vessel attacks

With Heart 2 (H-2) we discussed the most important pressure points on the arm. We will come back to the other ones, but for now we start combining the pressure points in our next videos in lockflows, drills, etc. Have fun!

In our today's video, we show reflexes in which we attack pressure points. We will go to the centre line of the body (the conception meridian).

Reflexes are very important! A reflex is an immediate reaction, which can be applied in various circumstances. These are moves that you train a lot! We prefer to attack the centre line, because you always stop the attack! it's painful and the attacker will not expect a counter attack like this.

What do we attack?

We attack next points after an atemi attack or grip on the clothes of strangulation:
  • The eyes
  • Governor 26 (G-26) (a crossing point of multiple meridians) 
  • Conception Vessel 24 (CV-24), on the chin with the knuckles (in video)
  • Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22), between the clavicles with the fingers (in video)
  • Conception Vessel 19 (CV-19), in the middle of the chest with the knuckles (in video)
You can also attack lower points on the conception meridian, but it's best to do that in case of a grip attack or strangulation.

In this video we show various attacks and reflexes to CV-19, CV-22 and CV24. We conclude the video with a lock.

The Conception Vessel

This Vessel contains 24 Yin points. it is also called Ren-Mai or Directing Vessel.
The route of the Conception Vessel is:
  • It originates internally from the uterus. 
  • It appears on the surface at the perineum (CV-1). 
  • Via many interesting points it runs through the middle in front of the body to the chin (CV-24). 
  • From CO-24, it makes an internal detour around the mouth and to the eyes.
I hope you found this blog interesting, next time we will show a lock-flow with 3 bended locks. We use the Large Intestine meridian and of course CV-22.

We cannot be held responsible for injuries 
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)