June 14, 2017

8. Conception 22 (CV-22)

Hi there! Last time, I wrote about Triple Warmer 11 (TW-11) and how to combine this point with TW-12 and TW-17.  Today I am going to write about a pressure point that we use a lot! I am going to tell about the cough point Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22) as a hit point. Why do we call it a cough point? You will find out when you are going to practice this point. 

Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22) is both a press- and hit point. It is not a very dangerous point, but very effective. 

How do we attack the hit point CV-22?
We will hit CV-22 with the tip of the fingers or with the knuckles of the fingers. I prefer the fingers, because of the longer reach I get and I can choose to either go through the point (hit) or in the point (press down). You might find using the knuckles of the fingers more effective.
It is important to step in with the same leg as the arm that attacks CV-22; This way, the reach is even further and the impact more powerful.

In this video we will show how you can use CV-22 as a hit point to stop the attacker or to free yourself from a grappling hold (standing). In another blog in future, I will write about CV-22 as control or take-down pressure point.

Background information:

Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22)
The acupuncture point Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22) is located in the hollow in the throat between the clavicles.

Finding the point:
Press with your fingers in the hollow under the Adam's apple and between the clavicles. You will get a little nauseous feeling.

You enter this point in and through; towards the neck. Or press it in and down, towards the back.


When you use it as a hit point, the opponent will be stopped and he will move backwards. When you use it as a press point, his knees will buckle.
This point has an effect on the Lungs. You will start coughing. In acupuncture CV-22 is for example used in acupuncture against acute and chronic cough and asthma.

The Conception Vessel
This Vessel contains 24 Yin points. it is also called Ren-Mai or Directing Vessel.
The route of the Conception Vessel is:
  • It originates internally from the uterus. 
  • It appears on the surface at the perineum (CV-1). 
  • Via many interesting points it runs through the middle in front of the body to the chin (CV-24). 
  • From CO-24, it makes an internal detour around the mouth and to the eyes.
I hope you found this blog interesting, next time we will wrap up the introduction part by explaining what a pressure point is and does for us in Yawara Ju-Jutsu and what it can do for you in any martial art that you are practicing.

We cannot be held responsible for injuries
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)