August 24, 2017

8 fingerlocks

Today, we posted a new video, this time, with 8 basic fingerlocks. Locks that everyone can learn.

If you are not familiar with fingerlocks, then be very careful with training them!

We show 8 different fingerlocks. In al cases, the attack is a push to the chest.
The fingerlocks all come down to the same basic principles:

  • You grab at least 1 finger (pointerfinger)
    • For training, we advise to grab at least two fingers (the opponent is stronger that way and can resist the lock better)
  • This way, you create the lock:
    • Your pinks sqeezes and bends the fingers away from the hand
    • You thumb and pointerfinger bend the fingers towards the hand/arm
  • You hold the finger close to your body (hip or chest). This way you are stronger.
Unless the opponent is trained in resisting these locks, it is very painful and you might break fingers with it. So again be very careful!

Good luck with training these techniques.