June 07, 2017

5. Triple Warmer 12 (TW-12)

As you might have read in our previous blog, there are 3 kinds of acupuncture points:
  1. Rub points (like LU-8 from our previous blog)
  2. Press points (like H-6 from our previous blog)
  3. Hit points, TW-12 is a hit point
How do you attack TW-12?
I suggest attacking this point with Triple V. These are 3 Triple Warmer points 6, 7 and 8 on the under arm. When you attack with these 3 points, you align the Ulna and Radius; two bones in the forearm, which will make your arm stronger.

TW-12 is a great point to stop or unbalance the opponent with.

In this video we show two techniques with TW-12.

Background information:

Triple Warmer 12 (TW-12)
Location: The acupuncture point Triple Warmer 12 is located approximately in the middle on the back of the upper arm; in the middle of the triceps.

TW-11 is connected to the median nerve. The median nerve is connected to the cervical vertebrae C5 - C8 and thoracic vertebra T1 in the spinal cord.

Finding the point:
Slide slowly with your finger (hand under your arm) from your elbow up to your armpit. Half way up, you will feel a big hollow. When you press and rub forward and back in this point you will sense an annoying feeling. This is where the hit point Triple Warmer 12 is located. Please note, not everyone is sensitive on this point!

You strike this point against the bone; in and through

The brain will think that there is a problem with the bones in the upper arm. As a result, it will release shoulder and lock the elbow.

The Triple Warmer meridian
This meridian contains 23 fire points.

The route of the Triple warmer meridian is quite a journey with a lot of interesting points:
  • the meridian starts at the top of ring finger 
  • It runs up from the wrist, between the Ulna and Radial where you find TW-6, TW-7 and TW8 up to the elbow 
  • Then it proceeds its way via the outside/back (Yang side) of the upper arm where you find TW-11 and TW-12 to the shoulder 
  • From the back of the supraclavicular fossa at takes an internal detour via the diaphragm to the abdomen. Then it goes back up to the supraclavicular fossa in the front 
  • It goes to the neck; from there it goes to the hollow "under the ear" TW-17 
  • the meridian goes around the back of the ear to the front of the ear (to the level of the eye). There he takes a little internal detour up to the front of the head to connect with Gallbladder. 
  • the last point TW-23 is on the outside of the eye. 
There is a lot more information about meridians, like times, sounds, colors, etc. It is interesting and probably effective too. In this blog we will however stick to what we can feel and what works in our Martial art.

I hope you found this blog interesting, next time we will show how you can free yourself with Triple Warmer 17 (TW-17).

We cannot be held responsible for injuries
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)