July 14, 2017

21. The spinal cord

In my previous blog, I explained in general how the various nerves systems work and what the impact of a hit on a nerve is.

This blog, I will go a little further into how the spinal cord works in relation to the pressure points and body parts. Again notice, this blog also is an extremely simplified explanation of an extremely complex system. It just explains what is interesting if you use pressure points in the martial art.

The spinal cord
As you can see, the spinal cord is fragmented in 4 parts.
  • C = Cervical
  • Th = Thoracic 
  • L = Lumbar
  • S = Sacral
These 4 parts are split in segments, called the vortices, they are all coded:
  1. C5 to Th1: this is where the signals pass from the brain to the arms (and the other way around)
  2. Th1 – Th4: are connected to the heart and lungs
  3. Th5 – Th12: are connected to the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenal gland, small intestine and large intestine. 
  4. L1-L3: are connected to the Large intestine, kidney and bladder 
  5. L1 to S3: this is where the signals pass from the brain to the legs (and the other way around)
In the last part, next time I will write about the brainstem.