July 14, 2017

19. Fibers in the nerves

In our previous blog, I started writing about the neurological impact of pressure points. In this blog I will take you a little further into the nervous sytem. We are going to have a closer look at the fibers:
There are 3 kinds of fibers in a nerve:

1. Type A-fiber: red
  • These are the thickest and fastest fibers (2-100 meters per second). 
  • They sent the sharp pain signals to the brain. 
  • They are easy to activate and are easy to revive after an attack. 
  • They do not influence the autonomic nervous system; they will initiate a motor response at the most.
2. Type B fiber: green
  • These are smaller and slower than the A fibers (around 10 meters per second). 
  • They are connected to the reflexively part of the nervous system and some of the afferent nerves of the peripheral nervous system. 
  • The nerve recovers less fast and remains sending signals to the brain. 
3. Type C fiber: yellow
  • These are the smallest and slowest fibers (0.5 meters per second). 
  • They only react to hard attacks 
  • These fibers affect the autonomic nervous system directly 
  • The brain (part of the brainstem) might assume that an organ is damages. Therefore it will react severely by for example lowering the blood pressure or by passing out. 
I hope you now understand what a fiber a kind of looks like. In my next blog, I will explain wat the impact on the fibers is during and after a punch.