May 30, 2017

1 - The blog is live!

Yes indeed, today I start writing about Pressure points in the Martial Arts! At the bottom of each article, you will find a list with all my articles. In the first articles we introduce pressure points and then we integrate new pressure points and techniques in which we use the points.

My name is Renate Pieck I practice Martial arts for about 40 years. Nowadays, I assist my husband Wim with his Yawara Ju-Jutsu courses and seminars. In Yawara Ju-Jutsu we use pressure points, but not as intensive as in Kyusho Ju-Jutsu.

Here is the first video, taken in one of our seminars.

Most of the video's will be recorded at home. I will show the pressure points and techniques with my husband. But now and then, I will share a compilation from one of our seminars, where we use pressure points too.

Please note that the use of pressure points will make your techniques a lot more effective, but at the same time, they can be (extremely) dangerous. They can cause severe (internal) injury. Make sure that you respect the danger of pressure points and the techniques shown.

Be careful with your partner and enjoy training!
Have lot's of fun with reading the blogs and viewing the video's. In our next blog you can see a reaction on a pressure point