July 11, 2017

17. How do pressure points work?

Now that is an interesting question!

It is important to understand how pressure points work. What happens within the body?

A lot of pressure points are not that dangerous, think of the nerve in your elbow. When you bump your elbow against an object it hurts immensely. So what do you do? You grab your arm and rub with your hand on the spot that is hurt. Because of the rubbing the pain will slowly disappear. You are actually reviving the pressure point.

That and many other points on the body are annoying and can be restored by rubbing them. But there are also points or combination of points that cause more severe damage to the body. You need to be aware of that! What is it that actually happens with the body and why would you want to avoid hitting certain points on people over 35 years old?

Thanks for reading this blog. In my next blogs, I will try to explain why pressure points hurt from a neurological point of view.