July 11, 2017

14. Heart 2 (H-2)

Hi, great the you came back again! I hope you like to video about the techniques we showed at the Kihon AIKO Ashihara Summer Camp 2017. Today I will write about Heart 2 (H-2). It is again a hit point that you can use to position a person or to create space. In this video we show an armlocks that follows after we stopped the attack with Heart 2 (H-2).

How do we attack H-2?

There are many ways to attack H-2.
  • With the open hand (to train, this will hardly hurt)
  • With the elbow
  • With a straight punch
  • With the knuckles of the fist
  • With the knuckle of the thumb
In this video I will show various attacks and one bended armlock.

Background information:

Heart 2 (H-2)
You can find H-2 if you flex your arm, it is 3 cun from the elbow on the ulnar nerve at the crease medial end.

How do I find it?
Place your hand palm under the elbow of Uke. Where you thumb rest on the upper arm is Heart 2 (H-2) located.

H-2 is connected to the ulnar nerve and therefore connected to C5-C8 and Th-1 in the spinal cord.

You hit this point in against the ulna bone.

The elbow will bend.
When you hit the point; pain will shoot to the pinky finger (where the Heart meridian ends).
When you grab the point it will be very painful, especially when you rub your thumb

The Heart meridian:
The Heart Meridian contains 9 fire points.

The route of the Heart meridian is via the inside of the arm, down from the axilla to the pink, this makes it a Yin meridian:
  • It originates internally from the heart. 
  • One branch goes down through the diaphragm and connects with the small intestine.
  • The other branch enters the lung and comes at the surface at the axilla.
  • From the axilla, it runs down the Ulna bone, down to the pink (H-9) 
I hope you found this blog interesting, next time we will show various Conception Vessel attacks. Reflexes to the centre line of the body from a hook punch.

We cannot be held responsible for injuries
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)