July 14, 2017

20. Effect of a punch on the fibres

Now that we have seen the various fibers in our previous blog and we understand what the fiber in the nerve looks like, so it is time to look at the effect of an attack on the nerve.

Let's first show the effect of a punch in a picture:

1. With a soft imact, only the red (A fibers) are effected. 
You will feel some pain. The brain will send endorphin (painkiller) to the location that hurts and it will make adrenaline (fight hormone), to prepare the body for a fight.

2. With a medium high impact, both the red (A fibers) and green (B fibers) are effected. 
The pain will be more intense and last longer. It will keep on sending impulses to the brain.

3. With high impact, the impact will be such that all fibers are affected. 
The brain will do everything possible to limit damage to the body; it will shut the body down if necessary.

It depending on where the pressure point is located what the impact of an atemi will be. So if the

I hope it makes more sense how the nerve system works. I In my next blog, I will write about how the spinal cord works high level.

Now that we know how the nervous system works, we can move on to the spinal cord.