September 10, 2017

2 necklocks and 2 strangulations - SP-10

For this video, we selected 2 necklocks and 2 strangulations.

The attack is in all cases: Tsuki Jodan.
In all cases, the defense starts with:

  • Mae-Mawashi Uke
  • Kick to SP-10 (Splean 10)
  • Grab the back of the head via the throat  
After the first defense, we proceed with eighter a necklock or a strangulation. The last two techniques are performed after the oppontent escaped.

Be aware that this is a simplyfied example. You can use more Atemi's during your defence to unbalance the opponent even more.


Extra information:

With the kick, we hit SP-10 (splean-10). This Yin point is located in about the middle of the inside of the leg. It makes you buckle the legg to the outside. This point can create space or unbalance the opponent.

These are the attention points for the first technique, the strangulation:
  • Make sure you turn the head
  • Squeeze the hands and (be careful with this....) push your body forward to put on the strangulation
These are the attention points for the second technique, the necklock:
  • This necklock is very dangerous, because the body cannot keep up with the paste of the head!
  • The body must lean over, you pull the head and the chin.
In the next two techniques, you are not able to finish of with a strangulation or necklock. The oppontent escapes.

These are the attention points for the third technique, the strangulation (after the escape):
  • Make sure that you are standing strong when the opponent attacks with the knife
  • Hit GB-32 (middle of the leg on the outside).
  • You can proceed with the strangulation eighter with the fist in LI-18/ST-9 or you can strangle with your underarm 
  • The end control can be standing, make sure that you stand strong!
  • Take the knife out of the hands of the opponent.
  • The end control can also be on the ground. The opponent is out of balance, you can let him fall and proceed on the ground
These are the attention points for the fourth technique, the necklock (after the escape)
  • Just like in the previous defence: make sure that you are standing strong for the next attack
  • You can add various atemi's to further unbalance the opponent
  • End-control: grab the chin (ST-5 or ST-4) with your left hand, pull you elbow towards your hip
  • Go with your right arm under de arm of the opponent. You grab your arm with your hand 
  • Lock the arm and pull the head in the opposite direction.
Enjoy practicing these techniques