June 26, 2017

13. Kihon AIKO Ashihara Camp 2017

This weekend, we tought Yawara Ju-Jutsu at the Kihon AIKO Ashihara Summer Camp 2017. An international Camp with 110 Ashihara Karateka's, held in the Netherlands. We provided 3 lessons. As pressure points are used a lot in Yawara Ju-Jutsu, this seminar was full of techniques with pressure points. Ashihara Karate does not contain pressure points, so we kept the techniques and pressure points rather simple. Here is the compilation:

The pressure points that we used were:
Prick to the eyes
This is a great way to stop an attack. You just concentrate on pricking the eyes, the opponent will move back; the punch will loose impact

The nose:
Pressing the nose is extremely painful. You do this with the knife hand. You slide and press from the top of the nose downwards

H-2 / P-2 on the arm:
Also a great way to stop or numb the arm!

ST-4 on the chin:
Great pressure point to turn the head.

LI-20 or ST-3 at the side of the nose:
When you grab the nose, you hold LI-20. A little further from the nostril, you find ST-3, this even hurts more.

CV-24 between the clavicles
A great point to stop an attack, to control the opponent or to take him down (like in this video)

ST-11 and ST-12 on the clavicles
Great point to hurt the opponent and take him down.

LU-6 or P-6
We use these points to stop or control the arm.

I hope you liked the video in todays blog. It is a different from the other blogs, but we figured that you might like this too. Next time I will write about Heart-2 (H-2).

We cannot be held responsible for injuries
caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)