June 01, 2017

2. Do you believe in pressure points?

After the introduction, I would like to by saying that I am very much aware of the fact that there are people who truly believe in everything about pressure points in the martial arts. But there are also a lot of very skeptic people.

That is great! It is a very healthy balance that will keep the believers sharp and down to earth. For the non-believers with an open mind, the blog can be interesting and lift their martial art to a higher level.

When you read about pressure points in the martial art, you read about the various meridians with their elements, Yin/Yang, different stances, sounds, times, knock-outs, etc. This is a true study, maybe hard to learn and understand as it all is about internal processes.

I will do my very best to provide the information that I find interesting in such an order that you will be able to learn and implement pressure points in your martial art. You will notice that many pressure points will work for you, Why? It is because or the fact that pressure points are connected via the nerves system and spinal cord to the brain.

So I hope that to whatever category you belong to, you will keep an open mind;  use the information that you are interested in and leave the information that you are not interested in be. Who knows maybe someday, that information will become of value to you too.

The pressure point in this video is shown slow, but should be hit fast and short. Look at the eyes of Kasper.

The scope of this blog is to show how pressure points can be used in the martial arts, in reflexes, locks, take-downs. etc.

Enjoy your day, I hope to see you back in my next blog, where I will explain the importance of a good attack.

We cannot be held responsible for injuries caused by practicing the techniques shown in the videos!
So, be very careful when practicing the techniques!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points.
Only practice these techniques with 
an authorized teacher or school (despite of the martial art)