June 23, 2017

12. Control or take-down with CV-22

Today we will combine pressure points P-6 or LU-6 and Conception Vessel 22 (CV-22). Pressure points and meridians about which we wrote in more detail in our previous blogs.

In this blog, we write about how to use Conception Vessel (CV-22) in a take-down or control technique. If you press CV-22 in and down, the knees will buckle; the body wants to escape.

In the video we show a reflex on a Mawashi Tsuki and move on to a control techniques and take-down with CV-22.

Further explanatoin: 

  • If the attacker uses the arm and the foot at the same side, you can take him down with CV-22.
  • If the attacker makes a cross attack (a Jodan Tsuki), then it is not possible, as the weight of the attacker, will still be on the leg. You will be able to go for the eyes.
  • The defender only turns his body and lift his right arm (not to many steps)
  • The defender steps in with his right leg, to protect his own body
  • The defender can easily make a Irimi Senkai, to go to the back
  • Most important is that the defender will stand strong behind the attacker:
    • With the body weight of the attacker agaist his shoulder
    • With the rear leg almost straight and strong
    • With the back straight and strong !!!!
  • When you are standing strong, holding the opponent is easy, you will feel no pain or stress in your body.

Tripple V:
I wrote about Triple V a couple of times now. Triple V is a cluster of 3 Triple Warmer points on the Yang side of the under arm. 

The 3 Triple V points are TW-6, TW-7 and TW-8.

When you attack with Triple V, you align the ulna and radial bones, which will make your arm stronger. It is a fire meridian; which is especially strong against the Lung or Large Intestine meridians.

I hope you found this blog interesting, next time we will write about our Seminar this weekend at the Kihon AIKO Ashihara Summer Camp 2017. We will show a variety of basic pressure points. After that, we will continue with techniques with pressure point Heart 2 (H-2)

We cannot be held responsible for injuries 
cause by practicing the techniques shown in the video's!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points 
and be very careful when practicing the techniques
Practice these techniques only with an certified teacher
or school (despite of the martial art)