June 16, 2017

9. What is a pressure point?

In our previous blogs you have seen various pressure points. Today we summarize them and answer 2 questions "what is a pressure point" and "What are pressure points used for in the martial arts?"

What is a pressure point?
Pressure points are spots on the nerves that are sensitive. Look at it is as "holes" in the nerves where the Chi circulation can be influenced (like in acupuncture). Most of the time, you will find pressure points in a "hollow":
  • Where a nerve begins or ends 
  • Where nerves cross each other (like an X) 
  • Where nerves split (like a Y) 
If you hit a point right on the spot, next will happen:
  • A sensory (pain) signal directly goes via the nervous system and spinal cord to the brain. 
  • This causes the brain to make endorphine (the fighting hormone!) and it sends a motoric signal to body to protect the body.
Please note: a pressure point does not always have to hurt to have the desired effect

How big is a pressure point?
One pressure point has the size of about a coin. Multiple pressure points in one area will create a bigger surface to attack.
What are pressure points used for?
An acupuncturist uses these points to heal people by balancing the meridians; they provide the right energy in the meridians via the acupuncture points.

In the martial arts, we aim on using these points to stop or speed up the energy flow in the meridians. As said above, the signal finds its way to the brain. It will send a signal to the body, to protect the body part that was attacked. This can give several reactions, like:
  • Opening the hand 
  • Bend an arm 
  • Buckle the knees 
  • Turn the head away 
  • Shut the body down 
  • etc.
What are pressure points used for in the martial arts?
Acupuncture points can be used in general to weaken or defeat the opponent. Here are a couple of examples of where we use pressure points for in our martial art - Yawara Ju-Jutsu:
  • Stop off an attack 
  • Unbalance the attacker 
  • Position the attacker (to continue with other techniques) 
  • Free yourself out of a grip or bear hug attack. 
  • Use them in a take-down 
  • To control the opponent 
Here is a video with examples of the effect of a pressure points. It is a compilation of previous videos with two bonuses.
In our future blogs, I will tell you a lot more about the pressure points we use in our martial art. We will first introduce a couple more points, and then we will combine them in locks, take-downs, etc. In our next blog, we will go back to the wrist to Pericardium 6 (P-6).

We cannot be held responsible for injuries 
cause by practicing the techniques shown in the video's!
Respect the danger of locks and pressure points 
and be very careful when practicing the techniques
Practice these techniques only with an certified teacher
or school (despite of the martial art)