August 27, 2017

8 Strangulations and locks with umbrella

Today we posted a new video. In this video, we show defenses with an umbrella (this could be any kind of stick).

The controle techniques in this video are strangulations, a wristlock and an armlock.
Enjoy watching the video.

More detailed information technique by technique:

In general:

  • keep your hands close to the neck
  • squeeze with your hands to strangle
Details per technique:

  1. Attack: Hook punch
    • Deflect the attack with the umbrella
    • Stab the umbrella behind the neck 
      • Point it a little to the left shoulder, it is easier to grab
      • Place your hand as close as possible to the neck
    • Grab the other end of the umbrella
      • Place your other hand also as close as possible to the neck
    • Squeeze the umbrella, this way your wrist will come close to each other and you will strangle the opponent
      2.  Attack: Hook punch
    • Repeat defence one and continue with:
    • Move a little back with your body and move your right hand to the tip of the umbrella
    • Make space with your body and guide the umbrella under your armpit
    • Squeeze with your hand and bring your shoulder down.
      3.  Attack: Hook punch
    • You have the umbrella loose in the hand (fingers down)
    • Turn your right hand up (underarm horizontally)
    • Grab the umbrella with your other hand and deflect the attack
    • Turn your left hand with the umbrella around the arm of the opponent
    • Press the arm against the body of the opponent
    • Bring the umbrella to front of the throat of the opponent with the left hand
    • Grab the umbrella with the right hand on the other side of the neck and squeeze the hands again.
      4.  Attack: Hook punch
    • Repeat the defence of attack 3. 
    • Now in stead of grabbing the other end of the umbrella, you go around the umbrella with your arm.
    • Pull the umbrella over the arm
    • You would like to grab the head as high as possible, to push the head away
      5.  Attack: Straight punch
    • There are two ways to catch the hand.
      • here we do next: we turn our hand (fingers under umbrella) and just lay the umbrella on the wrist of the opponent.
      • you can also: turn the umbrella around the wrist (fingers on umbrella)
    • When the umbrella is around the wrist, you grab the umbrella with the other hand, again as close to the other hand as possible
    • Squeeze to lock
      6.  Attack: Straight punch
    • Lock the wrist
    • Let go with the left hand
    • Bring the umbrella in front of the throat with the right hand
    • Step in and guide the umbrella under the armpit
    • Grab the umbrella around the neck with the left hand
    • Turn your body and stretch the opponents arm over the chest
       7.  Attack: Straight punch
    • In stead of making the armlock, you now go with your right hand under the arm of the opponent and grab the umbrella
    • By squeezing the umbrella, you will make the strangulation
       8.  Attack: Straight punch
    • Attack the opponent with the umbrella (right arm close to the opponent)
    • Grab the arm of the opponent
    • Grab the umbrella with your left hand
    • Pull the arm, push the umbella
I hope this information is clear, hope to see you back at our next video.